Services Provided

I-Design Multimedia Inc. provides all of the services listed below.

* Service provide below can be customized to meet in-house requirements.

Course Analysis and Design

Identify course goal and objectives
Determine and define audience and prerequisites
Determine appropriate media for training
Identify/contact all internal and external clients driving the project 
Gather available information, review, research and categorize.
Meet with Subject Matter Experts/review content/establish checkpoints
Map out flow of information
Identify functionality and interface design
Identify content and create content outline
Sign-off of initial design by client

Content Development   

Identify editing process and determine editors
Create style sheet
Determine and identify storyboard layout and/or script format
Identify screen layout and design
Meet with graphic artist to identify needs and timeline
Write out information in screen format (script)
Submit scripts to client, SMEs, internal and external clients for QA review
Edit scripts (editor, client, SME); make revisions
Sign-off of scripts by client

Course Creation 

Determine development tool when developing computer-based training
Create Prototype (when requested)
Work with graphic artist to create instructional-quality artwork
Facilitate professional audio and video (if appropriate)
Assemble course 

Course Testing and Implementation

Schedule SME review of final product (when required)
Create a test plan and run a test internally
    Test product on several different delivery platforms as well as externally
Schedule a pilot test with a sampling of end-users
Modify product per pilot test results
Release product