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Instructional Designer/WBT Developer
A Training Company and their client: a corporate bowling/fitness corporation   

bullet Designed and developed stand-alone, one-hour web-based training course on bowling safety including but not limited to food safety, mechanical safety, customer service, and serving alcohol safely.
bullet Product was nationally deployed.
bullet Lead instructional designer/project consultant on large development team.

Instructional Designer
A Publishing Company

bullet Designed and developed four courses for technical college on medical terminology, and
criminal justice.
bullet Lead Instructional designer/project consultant


Instructional Designer/WBT Developer
A Financial Training Company

bullet Instructional design specialist for a variety of online product development initiatives.
bullet Initiated and developed a WBT product line for client.
bullet Developed multiple online courses for the banking industry.
bullet Designed, developed, managed and maintained client website.
bullet Designed and developed client's product catalog.

Multimedia HTML Help Designer/Developer
An International Commercial Inkjet Printer Corporation

bullet Designed, and developed four online "on demand learning" tools and user guides.
bullet Lead Instructional Designer and Project Manager.
bullet Programmed courseware using Microsoft's HTML Help and FLASH.
bullet Nationally product deployment, with plans for translation for international use as well.

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Instructional Designer/WBT Developer/Quality Assurance Reviewer
A Training Company (Joint Partnership)

bullet Designed, developed and wrote multiple WBT courses for a variety of clients from hospitals to major airlines.
bullet Completed quality assurance reviews of WBT products to ensure high end product delivery.
bullet Managed pilot test program for release of a new 4 unit intensive mastery exam to accompany a multimedia roll-out in Mexico City, Mexico.
bullet Lead Instructional Designer on project teams.


Web Developer
Educational Publisher

bullet Programmed courseware and teaching resource –
The Great Depression  -- for online delivery.


Instructional Designer
International Bank/Small Multimedia Development Co.

bullet Designed and developed a five module proprietary multimedia CD-ROM training course for bank supervisors and managers on how to use the company wide employee tracking and scheduling software application.
bullet Utilized guided and unguided simulation to facilitate learning in a mocked up version of the actual software.
bullet Created design document, mastery tests, quizzes and wrote module scripts.
bullet Course Audience: All managers and supervisors (approximately 5,000) within the U.S. to be delivered at different training sites.
bullet Lead Instructional Designer on project team.

Instructional Designer
Multimedia Development Co./State of Illinois Emission Program

bullet Designed and developed a technical CD-ROM multimedia course for all facility employees on the "new" Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing Program. Very technical and detail-oriented course.
bullet Created design document, mastery quizzes and wrote modules.
bullet Lead Instructional Designer on project team.

Instructional Designer/CBT Developer
A financial training company

bullet Designed and developed multiple CBT courses for the financial training industry.
bullet Worked with subject matter experts to refine content which was derived from existing video courses.
bullet Created Style guide and course template models.
bullet Authored courses using a proprietary engine and assembled per client specifications.
bullet Designed and developed pop quizzes and mastery tests.

Marketing Presentation Design and Development Specialist
National Capital Leasing Company (clients in Chicago and Seattle)

bullet Designed and developed hi-tech marketing and sales presentations.
bullet Evaluated and modified presentation text and content to ensure clear message delivery.
bullet Created company newsletters and publications.
bullet Created online sales tools.
bullet Client was pleased with my work and forward my name to different branches across the country.  
I also worked for the CEO as well.

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Instructional Designer/CBT Developer
A financial training company
bullet Authored computer-based training course for a proprietary bank system using Authorware.
bullet Completed quality assurance reviews of WBT product to ensure high end product delivery.

Instructional Designer/Developer
A fast food company
bullet Lead Instructional designer on two national training project teams for company's store management employees.
bullet Designed and developed student, leader and pocket guide for on-site training.
bullet Facilitated and completed Subject Matter Expert interviews with store management and employees throughout Chicago area.

Instructional Designer/Multimedia Developer
A training company
*Full time employment.
bullet Lead Instructional Designer on project teams for Excel, Lotus and Power Builder courses.
bullet Designed, developed and implemented training courses from start to finish including  technical writing, interviewing SME's, interfacing with graphics and marketing, scripting   and authoring, facilitating studio production to the creation of CD audio and the pressing of CDs.
bullet Tested products, interfaced with clients and created mastery tests for courseware.
bullet Assisted in the international translation of German products.

Computer Courseware Developer
A fast food company, (internship)
bullet Designed and developed storyboards for a financial analysis program to assist store owners and management asses profit and loss.
bullet Researched and assessed five years of required courseware background of managers as well as attended owner and management financial classes.

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